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Management Board

The members of the Managment Board of the College of Management are:

  • dr. Emira Premrov, representative of VM Bled – President
  • Cilka Demšar, representative of VM Bled
  • Anuša Vogelnik Holzner, representative of the founder
  • Natalija Korošec, Founder’s Representative
  • mag. Peter Mihelčič, representative of VSŠ Bled


  • mag. Tadeja Krašna, Dean
  • dr. Emira Premrov
  • dr. Elena Marulc
  • dr. sc. Gordana Vulić
  • dr. Lea Kužnik
  • mag. Darja Radić
  • Neža Hrastar, dr. med.
  • Kristina Požun (student)
  • Nika Medved (student)


Commission for Study Affairs:

  • dr. Emira Premrov – President
  • Cilka Demšar
  • mag. Dušica Todorović

Commission for scientific research and development:

  • mag. Tadeja Krašna – President
  • dr. Nevenka Maher
  • dr. Emira Premrov

Habilitation Commission:

  • dr. Srečko Devjak – President
  • dr. Nevenka Maher
  • dr. Mojca Korošec

Quality Commission:

  • dr. Emira Premrov – President
  • dr. Elena Marulc
  • Jakob Demšar
  • Kristina Požun

Publishing commission:

  • mag. Tadeja Krašna – President
  • mag. Peter Mihelčič
  • mag. Peter Markič

Commission on Ethics in Research Involving Human Subjects:

  • dr. sc. Gordana Vulić – President
  • Neža Hrastar, dr. med.
  • dr. Emira Premrov
  • mag. Tadeja Krašna
  • dr. Elena Marulc
  • Mitja Vrdelja

Disciplinary Board:

  • dr. Elena Marulc – President
  • Jakob Demšar
  • mag. Darja Radić


The Academic Assembly is composed of higher education teachers, researchers and higher education staff who, during the current academic year, are engaged in teaching or scientific research activities on the basis of a valid contractual relationship with the School. Student representatives shall participate equally in its work and decision-making, so that their number is at least one fifth of the members of the Academic Assembly.

President of the Academic Assembly:

Dr. Emira Premrov |


  • Kristina Požun – President of the Student Council
  • Janez Šmit
  • Luka Perišić
  • Nika Medved
  • Mojca Raj


Dean: mag. Tadeja Krašna
t +386 8 205 59 59
m +386 40 322 299

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